Chetana Naskar, PHD Scholar, JNU


Name: Ruby

Place of stay (before marriage): Indore

Date: 10/11/16

Husband’s place of stay: Agra.

Age: 27 (approx.).

  • Ruby is an open minded independent women who believes that work and home management can be done side by side and refuses to give up her profession for any reason.
  • Staying in Khirkee since 10 years, i.e. from the time she got married.
  • Since she married the man of her own choice they were not accepted by their family, initially, therefore they decided to come and settle in Delhi.

  1. How long have you been working?
  • Very long. I started working when I was in class 10. Along with my studies I used to work. Since my childhood I wanted to be an independent women, an entrepreneur. I always wanted to open a beauty parlour. But at that time my father did not support me. He disliked the idea of me going to others house for providing beauty services.

  1. Since when are you running this parlour?
  • It has been near about 3 years now.

  1. What you did before owing this parlour?
  • I used to work as an assistant manager in Speak Spain Company and in the evening took beautification classes. For 3 months I took the classes; 1 hour daily. As soon I finished my beautification course I started working in a beauty parlour with a salary of 2500 per month. I worked there for 4 – 5 years to gain experience. After that I took this space for rent and opened my own parlour. Recently I bought a shop of my own. I got it for 5 lakhs.

  1. You said you always wanted to work. Can you tell me why?
  • For money. “हमेशा से काम करना चाहती थी. काम करोगे तो पैसा है, और पैसा है तो सब आपको भाव देंगे; सब आगे पीछे घूमेंगे.वरना कोई पूछेगा तक नहीं!”


  1. How supportive is your husband? Did he help you to buy your shop?
  • Yes, my husband did help me in getting the shop but he is not much supportive.

  1. Why so?
  • I earn more than my husband so it is a problem “इसलिए वो चिड़ते है” . He also has his own travel business.

  1. Do you think so (a woman earning more than her husband is a problem)?
  • People think so. They think that if a women earns more than her husband then the husband lose all decision making power to her. She takes all the decision in house.

  1. What do you think about that?
  • I don’t think it is right. My husband still takes all the decision as he used to take earlier. Before also he never asked me while doing anything now also he does not. He never has to take permission from me for doing anything. Nothing has changed; it is all in his mind.

At times I work very late… around 12 or 1 at night. On those days my husband becomes very cranky. But then it is my work. I cannot deny a customer. I love my work. I look after my 1 ½ yr old son and also work. So I don’t think it should be a problem.

  1. Are your customers all locals?
  • No, my customers are both local and also comes from outside Khirkee area like south ex, malviya nagar.

  1. How is your relation with your customers?
  •  I maintain good relations with all my customers.


  1. Do they chat with you or do you guys continue conversation as this is often a leisure time for women.
  • They talk till the time they are availing services from us. After that they leave. We don’t spent leisure time talking or chatting even after the services are done.

  1. Who are your customers mainly? Working women or house wives?
  • My customers are mostly working women and I appreciate that. Nowadays most women work and they should be working. Economic independence is very important. And people are changing now and also their thought process.

  1. What do you think people contemplate about a woman running a business alone and also as you said sometimes you work quite late till night?
  • लोगों का काम है बोलना. I don’t pay heed to it. Who is saying what – is none of my business. People who don’t have work and are not busy are those who gossip. But I don’t think people have got so much time to gossip about each other. Everybody is quite busy with their life. Moreover the mindset of people are also changing. More and more women are working now. Nonetheless, even if they do gossip, it’s up to you how to react. I don’t react! I don’t have time, I am very busy!

  1. Earlier you said you father did not supported you on owing a parlour of your own? What is his stand now?
  • Now my father is very happy. He appreciates that I am earning, he feels proud of me.