Talking to Ruby

Chetana Naskar, PHD Scholar, JNU 15/11/2016 Name: Ruby Place of stay (before marriage): Indore Date: 10/11/16 Husband’s place of stay: Agra. Age: 27 (approx.). Ruby is an open minded independent women who believes that work and home management can be done side by side and refuses to give up her profession for any reason. Staying … Continue reading Talking to Ruby

Mobility and Mohalla

Nian Paul, MPhil Scholar, JNU 23/03/2017 We have entered a new phase in the collaborative initiative of Networks and Neighbourhoods. This new phase is called Mobile Mohalla which builds on the understanding of our last two phases focussing more on capturing the digital desires of the neighbourhoods. In the early weeks of January, a workshop … Continue reading Mobility and Mohalla


Chetana Naskar, PHD Scholar, JNU 15/02/2017 We possess a persistent strong group of twelve, absolutely devoted, sincere group of young boys and girls from varied background name Khirkee Collective and also a strong network of women entrepreneurs from the region. Not to mention, while struggling in establishing this group, where there was continuous coming in … Continue reading Continue…

A Peek into their World

Sebanti Chatterjee, PHD Scholar, University of Delhi 25/02/2017 I got introduced very recently to the of Khirkee Collective of  Mobile Mohalla Project initiated by Revue (Sreejata Roy & Mrityunjay Chatterjee). The artists gave me the opportunity to be a part of the creative writing session, directed at the teenage girls and young adults, who live … Continue reading A Peek into their World